Role of SAP for DOT in Recovery from Addiction

Role of SAP for DOT in Recovery from Addiction


Addiction is bad! It is harmful for any individual and the society. A person who is addicted to drugs and alcohol needs to be treated and should not be allowed to work at any place. Is that an easy task? No, this recovery requires help from professionals known as Substance Abuse Professional. Let’s understand the role of SAP for DOT:

  • Build therapeutic alliance with patients

For best treatment it is necessary for the counselors to create a bond with the patients. SAP has to show interest in the patient’s case. A good Substance abuse counselor stays attentive during the sessions and tries to understand the main problem behind the addiction.

  • Keeps the patient motivated throughout the treatment

Leaving the consumption of alcohol or drug is entirely in the hands of the patient. Bringing change in the behaviour requires a lot of patience, encouragement and motivation. SAP for DOT ensures that the person is treated with warmth, empathy and friendliness. They try to understand the behavioral pattern and prescribe some methods according to that.

  • Avoid situation of relapse

It is possible that the patient again starts taking drugs or alcohol after showing a bit of improvement during the treatment. SAPs make a proper plan to prevent such situation. It has to be taken care of from the very early stages of recovery. What can be done to make certain that the patient says ‘no’ to such temptations? To deal with this, SAPs analyse the history of relapses, list out the warning signs and ways to tackle them, take help from support network and recommend some changes in lifestyle.

If you are looking for an expert SAP for DOT, then you can contact American Alternative Court Services. Our programs are designed to provide you a new perspective towards living a healthy life.

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