SAP Return to Duty

SAP Return to Duty

SAP Return to Duty

Testing positive on a DOT drug or alcohol test isn’t the only way that an employee can come across a violation. Each person’s situation can differ but the DOT return to duty process is the same for everyone.

Employees that are found to be in violation are not allowed to continue working until they find a substance abuse professional that can conduct a face-to-face interview with them. The employee must then comply with all treatment plans recommended by their substance abuse professional before they can be recommended for return to duty status.

Once the employee has been determined able to return to work by their SAP evaluator, their employer can then set up a drug test for the employee to take. A negative test result is the only way that an employee’s return to duty status can be marked as eligible.

It is unlikely for an employee that completes all steps in their return to duty process to not be hired or return to work but this decision is still at the discretion of the employer.

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