The Cost of a DOT SAP Evaluation

The Cost of a DOT SAP Evaluation

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Driving under the influence is a serious offense, especially for Department of Transportation (DOT) employees who operate vehicles. If you’re a DOT employee who has been caught driving under the influence, you will need to complete a SAP evaluation before returning to your full duties. One of the concerns you may have is the cost of the SAP evaluation. In this guide, we’ll provide you with information about the cost and other important details to help you prepare for your evaluation at AACS Counseling.

As an alternative to the standard court-ordered process, A SAP evaluation (which stands for substance abuse professional evaluation) is a requirement for DOT employees who have violated drug and alcohol regulations. It is designed to provide employees with the necessary help to address substance abuse issues, and return safely to work. At AACS Counseling, our approved SAPs with over 30 years of experience work with you to tailor the return-to-duty process according to your specific needs.

The SAP evaluation consists of three primary steps: the initial evaluation, completion of assigned programs, and a follow-up evaluation. The cost of a SAP evaluation varies, but it typically averages between $400 and $500. This covers the face-to-face evaluation conducted by a certified SAP. However, there may be additional costs associated with the evaluation, such as drug or alcohol tests, which you will be responsible for paying.

In some cases, your employer may choose to pay the full cost of your SAP evaluation. However, this is not required in most circumstances. You may also need to pay for drug or alcohol tests, which can cost between $30 and $60 each. Additionally, there may be costs associated with the programs recommended by your SAP, such as educational programs and rehabilitative services. Your SAP will work with you to find programs that fit your financial situation, and you may be able to use your insurance to help cover some of these costs.

To return to your full duties, you must complete all the programs required by your SAP and attend a follow-up evaluation. If your SAP determines that you have successfully rehabilitated and pose no serious risk, they will provide you with the necessary forms to return to work. It is possible that you may need to continue some programs, such as sobriety support groups, for a specified period after returning to work. Your SAP will strive to ensure that the financial burden of ongoing treatment is manageable for you.

To schedule your SAP evaluation and get back to your safety-sensitive duties ASAP, reach out to us today! https://sapevaluation.org/ We operate nationwide and we can even conduct HIPAA-Compliant SAP Evaluations Via a Secure Video Call. If you have any further questions about the cost of the SAP evaluation or related matters, please feel free to reach out to us for more information. We’re here to help you through the process and support your return to work.


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