Virtual Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Georgia

Virtual Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Georgia

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

Have you been suffering from alcohol or drug abuse? Do you need professional help to diagnose and treat the symptoms of addiction? If yes, then substance abuse professionals are there to help you. In case you have a busy schedule or don’t want to take risk of transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic, then you may also opt for virtual alcohol and drug evaluation marietta.

  • The Tele-health DUI evaluations are considered approved in the court if performed by verified professionals. If you are a worker who has violated the rules and regulations set by the US Department of Transportation, then you may undergo virtual alcohol and drug evaluation to get a green signal for returning back to duty.

You have to become a part of the program where proper education, treatment, and follow-up plan are offered to the patient by the evaluators. These online face-to-face evaluations enable the patients to recover from this addiction without facing many difficulties. The substance abuse professionals also take the contact numbers of the family members and friends to ensure the recovery phase is smooth.

  • Free online alcohol and drug tests are also available nowadays. These are created for general assessment and do not take place of in-clinic face-to-face sessions with the SAP. It is basically an assessment that a person can give to determine the current position.

In this assessment, some questions are asked from the person. The duration of this assessment is only 5 minutes. After completion of this assessment, the person gets general feedback. Remember that you must be honest while giving the answers because they are meant to analyze your behavioral pattern, thoughts, and actions.

When everything is going digital, the above-mentioned are some of the ways in which substance abuse professionals are providing help online. If you need virtual alcohol and drug evaluation georgia, then you may contact American Alternative Court Services for more help.

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