Why do you need an SAP for DOT in your life?

Why do you need an SAP for DOT in your life?


An SAP for DOT evaluates and makes recommendations on employees who have violated a department of transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol program regulation.

An SAP evaluation or drug abuse evaluation may be a face-to-face clinical assessment of a private to work out what they have to resolve their alcohol or drug use problems. Face to face is mandatory because this might offer important physical cues vital to the evaluation process.

During the face to face evaluation, the SAP will determine whether the worker features a problem or addiction and assess the extent. This is often done by gathering a myriad of data.

The SAP evaluation will include standardized testing, collection of data regarding the history and current drug/alcohol use, psychological state history, case history, social and physical health and random drug/alcohol testing.

Attention will be placed upon the rule violation and why the worker must possess the SAP evaluation. Other information obtained during the evaluation is the problems with health, work, family, personal and interpersonal problems caused by use and current mental status.

Once the evaluation is complete, a diagnosis, course of treatment, and treatment plan are provided by the SAP. Therefore, the DOT employee must comply with returning to figure.

A number of the recommendations, supported the evaluation might be for in-patient treatment, partial in-patient treatment, out-patient treatment, education schemes, and aftercare. If education is suggested, this might include education courses on drugs and alcohol, self-help groups, and community lectures.

The SAP may assist the worker in finding treatment providers for services since this is often not done by the SAP. However, this SAP position is that of a liaison and guide and thus cannot refer the worker to their practice. This is often to stop a conflict of interest.

Any third party can’t change the report provided to the employer, and employees and employers are prohibited from seeking a second SAP evaluation to get another recommendation.

Once the worker has successfully complied with all recommendations, there’ll be a face to face follow-up evaluation. This evaluation will determine if all recommendations are completed and if aftercare is required and how many follow-up tests are needed.

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