Anger Management Classes

Anger Management Classes is the newest trend in the US and around the world.

For many years anger issues have been viewed as a male problem. The truth is men and women get angry equally. Couples, family members,  and even victims play an equal part in unhealthy relationships.  Untreated anger may lead to self-destructive behavior, loss of trust, respect , and even uncontrollable rage, which can result in violence.

Children and adolescents develop anger issues than can result an aggression and bullying. These may be learned behaviors or a result of early childhood experiences. Juvenile judicial officers, behaviorist, schools and families enroll their loved ones in anger management classes to improve their quality of life and establish healthy relationships.

History of Anger Management

Anger management classes are designed to encourage introspection and a person-centered approach allows individuals to self-identify underlying  causes. Participating in anger management classes is an excellent way to treat individuals who suffer from these symptoms. Treatment modalities utilize techniques that are geared to building self-esteem, boundaries, and appropriate  assertive confrontation.

At AACS Atlanta, anger management classes are offered for several tracks. Anger management classes

Anger management starts with emotional intelligence
Anger management classes

Anger management techniques can be practiced on daily basis. Mindfulness, relaxation and breathing techniques are some of the most simple ways to avoid anger.

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