ASAM Level I Substance Abuse Classes


ASAM Level I Substance Abuse Classes

At AACS we address a lot more than  ASAM Level I substance abuse classes. We understand the added stress these situations can cause, so we strive to provide you with excellent and convenient service. Our goal is to assist individuals to return to normal life with insight and personal growth.  

ASAM Level I Substance Abuse Classes

ASAM Level I classes for marijuana

ASAM Level I substance abuse classes are facilitated by professional counselors who have helped hundreds of people achieve sobriety.  Marijuana is the most common substance used among our population. ASAM Level I classes are specifically designed to address the pros and cons of medicinal marijuana in the state of Georgia. Our model is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). We integrate several other methods and encourage our clients to explore support networks for continued success.

ASAM Level I Substance Abuse Classes

Our staff utilizes resources to assist individuals in need of ASAM Level I substance abuse classes. Partnering up with local agencies has allowed us to serve our communities in a greater capacity. 

Your return to a normalized lifestyle with new wisdom is our mission.


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  1. I really like how you acknowledge the amount of stress that being caught up in the legal System causes people’s lives. No one seems to care about that. Truth is, substances abuse is one of the most stressful and defeating plight anyone could have. Most places down play the impact all these variables have on individuals. I am no stranger to recovery ( especially not treatmebt/ correctional facilities ). It’s hard to take a deep look at your life (the raw and incite version that’s not constantly being knumbed by drugs. The one where if you slip up you’re going to jail) and open up.to people if you feel they are motivated by profit and you don’t trust them. I wish you all (I really wanted to say ya’ll ) the very best of luck

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