ASAM Classes Near Georgia

ASAM Classes Near Georgia

asam classes

Have you been referred to attend ASAM classes?

Are you nervous about what this might look like or what you should
Are you trying to find time in an already chaotic season to take care of

We get it and we’re here to partner with you every step of the way.

Classes are typically once a week and help you gain new insights and
strategies to help you thrive on your journey ahead. Here is one example
of a recent class structure and topic to give you an insider look at a
class experience.

***WARNING: We believe some of the greatest insight and learning happens
in the context of discussion and relationship with other group members
that can’t be captured in this blog.
Check-in: At the beginning of the group we typically check in with
everyone. This week we asked group members to rank how they are doing
today from 1-5 and to share a little bit about why they chose that
Discussion around a quote related to the topic: “Although the world is
full of suffering, it is full also of overcoming it.” – Hellen Keller
Oftentimes individuals who have experienced harsh trauma or
circumstances also are apt to cope unsafely. The first step to
overcoming adversity might just be learning to cope safely.
What is safety for you?
What might unsafe coping look like? (examples here)
Use substance
Hurt yourself
Let someone harm you
Act on impulse (problem with emotional and behavioral self-control)
What might safe coping look like?  (examples here)
Ask for help
Take good care of your body
Set a boundary
Rethink the situation
What safe coping strategies are you already using?
What’s a time in the past or even recently when you did not cope
Can you replay that scene for us?

How could you cope safely this time?
During this group, we ended with a guided relaxation exercise and did a
brief check out where each group member shared one takeaway from the
group discussion.

Now that you’ve taken a sneak peek behind the curtain, we’d love to
see you there.

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