$89 Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Decatur-GA

$89 Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Decatur-GA

alcohol and drug evaluation

An $89 Alcohol and drug evaluation Marietta allows a professional to determine whether an issue regarding the use of alcohol or drugs exists and therefore needs to be addressed with further attention or intervention.

The alcohol and drug evaluation Atlanta documents basic current and historic usage of substances along with the extent of effects. This is an opportunity to transparently communicate incidents, progress, areas of concern, and general lifestyle to best move towards health and success.

A fair assessment compiles the information of the client, provides accurate summaries and specific details unique to the individual’s situation and needs. Alcohol and drug evaluations can determine the type and level regimen needed or can be used as a professional testimonial to competency.

This is an initial step to a successful rehabilitation which may lead not only to completing legal requirements but also to a happier and healthier way of living.

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