DUI Evaluations AACS Atlanta

DUI Evaluations AACS Atlanta

DUI Evaluation

DUI evaluation are important for a number of reasons. They can help to ensure that an individual who has been convicted of a DUI offense is not a risk to themselves or others on the road. They can also help to determine if an individual is likely to reoffend.

DUI evaluation Georgia typically involve a number of different elements. The first is a clinical interview. This is conducted by a licensed mental health professional. The individual will be asked about their drinking history, their current alcohol use, and any previous treatment they have received for alcohol abuse.

The second element of a DUI evaluation Marietta is a physical examination. This is conducted by a licensed physician. The physician will check for any physical signs of alcohol abuse, such as liver damage.

The third element of a DUI evaluation Georgia is a cognitive test. This is designed to assess the individual’s ability to think clearly and make sound decisions. The test may include questions about the individual’s ability to remember information, to follow directions, and to solve problems.

The fourth element of a DUI evaluation is a psychosocial assessment. This is conducted by a licensed mental health professional. The assessment will evaluate the individual’s social and psychological functioning.

Once the elements of a DUI evaluation georgia have been completed the individual performing the evaluation will come up with a recommendation based on all of the information provided. This recommendation can come in many forms but there are certainly a number of recommendations that are typical based on certain state requirements that are typical across the united states. For the most part an ASAM class is one of the recommendations that is more than likely to be given in one of these situations. Be on the lookout for future blogs with AACS Atlanta to learn more about DUI evaluation georgia and ASAM classes. For extensive information please check out www.aacsatlanta.com or please call us at 1-800-683-7745.

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