DUI Intervention Program by AACS

DUI Intervention Program by AACS

DUI Intervention Program by AACS

Driving under influence of alcohol and drug can be a serious threat to public safety. A person who is charged of DUI has to undergo an assessment in order to return back to duty. Without the successful completion of the evaluation and treatment, the person cannot drive according to the department of transportation. AACS provides DUI intervention classes to the people who have been charged of driving after substance abuse. Certified by Georgia Department of Driver’s Services, the classes can be very helpful for the addicts.

The complete procedure of enrolling in the DUI intervention program starts by completing an assessment. Different questions are asked in the assessment to determine the actual condition of a person. The severity of addiction, social life, behaviour and various other details are collected through this assessment. $100 are charged for completing the assessment at AACS and payment can be done online easily through various options. Payment is done through a secured gateway.

Being a student of DUI intervention program, you are supposed to attend the classes on time and regularly. Classes are organised on both weekdays and weekends. The student is required to be punctual for the course. Any kind of carelessness would result in repeating the course again.

Duration of the complete DUI intervention course is 20 hours. Various classroom sessions are conducted to educate people about the harmful effects of substance abuse. Driving after taking certain medication may also be considered as DUI. $260 is the fees of this risk reduction course that is essential for accused to attend according to Georgia State Law.

If your employer or court has asked you to attend a DUI intervention program, then without any hesitation, contact American Alternative Court Services. The counselors and staff at AACS help in treating and recovering the addiction problem in the patients in a friendly manner.

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