Family Violence Intervention Program Decatur

Family Violence Intervention Program Decatur


Family Violence Intervention Program Decatur

The National Center for Victims of Crime (NCVC) in 2008 composed a definition of domestic violence that lends legitimacy to this term: “Domestic violence constitutes the willful intimidation, assault, battery, sexual assault or other abusive behavior perpetrated by one family member, household member, or intimate partner against another.” When defined in this manner, the term includes all others.

FVIP Counseling is Essential

Domestic violence prevention constitutes the various means by which societies; governments and individuals attempt to forestall violence in the home. Domestic violence may consist of psychological, emotional, sexual or physical aspects. Preventing domestic violence is tricky since, by the time anyone has an inkling that things are not right, an incident has already occurred. In fact, victims often wait until long after the event to report an incident of domestic violence. Research has also shown that victims are likely to encounter emergency room personnel, social workers or health care professionals who have little knowledge of domestic violence. These professionals may even express negative attitudes toward the victims, deeming them weak or at fault.
Any effort toward preventing domestic violence must begin with educating professionals who represent the likely first point of contact for many victims of domestic violence. Better yet, professionals should be trained to spot signs of abuse or potential abuse in their patients who may be afraid or reluctant to discuss domestic abuse. These steps may not prevent abuse before it happens but can prevent it from happening in the future. More Visit us now>>

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