Process of Substance Abuse Evaluation

Process of Substance Abuse Evaluation

Process of Substance Abuse Evaluation

After the violation of the rules of DOT, the individual needs a compliance report from an SAP. As the information is mandatory by SAP for DOT, in case to go back after the violation of the DOT. The details for SAP should abide by 49 CFR Part 40 given by DOT.

Make sure yourSAP are working as certified professionals. The decision of SAP plays the most crucial role in deciding your safety and the public at large—the reason being the major point in determining if the driver can go back to duty. The driver’s responsibility may vary from driving behind the helm of an oil tanker, cockpit of a plane, or even sensitive like a school bus driver.

Hence, if you have violated the regulation recommended by the Department of Transportation, choose a certified professional to monitor you.

Process of Substance Abuse Evaluation

Firstly, your professional will conduct a face-to-face assessment. Then, they will suggest to you the most practical options of planned treatments or educational options. Finally, your evaluator will send your report to the employer to recommend your health and sobriety.

Your substance abuse professional will monitor your progress on the education and addiction rate throughout your treatment plan. After some time, a follow-up evaluation will be taken face to face to assess ad verify your progress and completion of the treatment/ education.

After completing your substance abuse, professionals might take some surprise to follow up after returning to work. However, before that, you need a must negative report of causing any such violation in the future because of substance abuse.

In case your test turns positive, it results to a violation again. The exact process needs to be repeated over. The chance of happening such a thing is only when you don’t co-operate to your SAP.

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