What Exactly Is A Drug and Alcohol Assessment?

What Exactly Is A Drug and Alcohol Assessment?

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

The majority of individuals don’t frequently consider Alcohol and drug Evaluation marietta, yet most recovery facilities use this expert assessment procedure as a regular procedure. For those who have been arrested for driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, drug and alcohol examinations might be crucial. The good news is that this kind of screening procedure can assist individuals in choosing the most effective course of therapy for drug use disorders.

What Exactly Is A Drug and Alcohol Assessment?

An expert evaluation of a person’s drug and alcohol use is known as a drug and alcohol evaluation. The examination often involves a discussion of the subject’s present substance usage as well as a review of the subject’s past history of drug and alcohol use. They could inquire about their family history, state of mind, and other aspects that might be related to substance usage. The evaluation’s objective is to establish whether the subject has an addiction issue. 

Who performs a drug and alcohol assessment?

When treating patients who they believe may have a substance use issue, medical professionals such as primary care physicians, dentists, obstetricians, and pediatricians frequently conduct drug and alcohol examinations. Drug and alcohol evaluations may also be performed by medical personnel in an addiction treatment facility.

Why are drug and alcohol evaluations required?

Your doctor, dentist, or another healthcare provider may do a formal screening if they notice alarming signs and symptoms that might point to an addiction problem. This frequently happens if individuals have symptoms of drug use or have physical or mental side effects from addiction. 

People may occasionally be ordered by a court to go through a drug and alcohol evaluation or screening. When someone enrolls in an addiction treatment programme, they could also go through a type of alcohol and drug evaluation atlanta.

Typical considerations for a drug and alcohol evaluation include:
  • Patients who want to raise their current pain medication dosage or who are seeking pain drugs for the first time prescription
  • Patients who display medical side effects from drug usage, such as dental problems brought on by long-term methamphetamine use
  • Pregnant patients who display addiction symptoms at any time throughout their pregnancy
  • Young individuals who talk frequently about using drugs or have symptoms of addiction
  • Those with a history of addiction-related criminal or legal issues
  • If you do decide to submit to a test, keep in mind that a drug and alcohol evaluation is not a punishment. Instead, it is a chance for a medical expert to help you locate sources of assistance and therapy. There shouldn’t be any guilt or shame attached to the procedure. An assessment’s goal is to identify addiction-related problems before they get out of hand and cause harm to you or others.

Alcohol and drug evaluation atlanta vary widely from one another. They take great pleasure in only recommending therapy to people who truly require it at aacsatlanta.com. Their seasoned counsellors are well-versed in the most recent drug and addiction treatment options. They utilize this knowledge to offer appropriate intervention to individuals who most need it. 

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