What is an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation?- Marietta | Georgia

What is an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation?- Marietta | Georgia

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

Alcohol and drug Evaluation

If you have reason to believe that a loved one is battling addiction, you might wish to seek a formal examination or assessment of their drug and alcohol usage from a professional. Alternatively, it’s possible that your loved one needs an evaluation to enrol in an addiction treatment programme or has been ordered by a court to get one.

It’s helpful to know how a standard Alcohol and drug Evaluation exam operates and what to anticipate if you’re seeking one, regardless of the circumstances.


Alcohol and drug Evaluation marietta takes a close look at one’s history, pattern, and level of substance misuse to develop a diagnosis and suggest appropriate treatments, whether they are court-ordered or given as part of a treatment programme. To provide a clear and accurate image of a person’s usage history, these assessments aim to pinpoint the drug used, the frequency of use, and the normal dosage.

The data acquired during drug and alcohol examinations may be helpful in assisting individuals in managing and overcoming their addictions. When trying to comprehend someone’s drug or alcohol use, an assessment is the only reliable source of information.

While some examinations are undertaken for medical grounds or other uncommon reasons, others are requested by the courts. Drug and alcohol examinations are performed for a variety of reasons, but they are generally given in the same way.


There are more screening questions included in the drug or alcohol evaluation procedure. It allows for the subsequent diagnosis and evaluation of the screening’s findings. If the results indicate that you could have a drug or alcohol use disorder, these data are then utilised to develop follow-up measures. Evaluations examine:

  • Previous drug usage behaviours
  • Physical and mental well-being Medical history
  • Family background
  • Personal background

How does a drug and alcohol assessment proceed? 

A drug or alcohol evaluation typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes. You will be guided through each stage by a licenced addiction specialist. Usually, the procedure entails:

  • Screening\Assessment
  • Follow-up
  • Advisory services

The alcohol and drug evaluation assesses the severity of the problem, whereas the screening identifies whether there is a problem. To ascertain if you have co-occurring mental health issues, several substance addiction tests also include a mental health examination.

During a drug addiction screening and evaluation, inquiries are focused on:
  • Your history of drug use
  • family members who have used drugs
  • Current drug and alcohol usage patterns
  • Your emotional well-being
  • Physical well-being and medical conditions

A structured addiction treatment programme or a follow-up screening may be advised following the screening and evaluation. Your screener could recommend suitable services to you.


You are encouraged to seek assistance at aacsatlanta.com if you believe that you or a loved one would benefit from alcohol and drug Evaluation atlanta. If you have any questions regarding the evaluation procedure, what happens next, or how we can assist make your path to recovery as easy as possible, the experts at aacsatlanta.com are more than happy to respond. If you’re prepared to change, get in touch right away; they’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

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