What Happens In Evaluation Interview?

What Happens In Evaluation Interview?

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

According to the laws of Atlanta, the person who is convicted for driving under the influence are required to follow some essential additional steps. One of them is to go through the Alcohol and drug evaluation georgia after the substance risk reduction program in the DUI school. You must go through an evaluation process for using drugs and alcohol.

What Happens In The Evaluation Interview?

The Alcohol and drug evaluations is not avoidable; you must co-operate with the certified professional. Make sure you get your evaluation done by a certified professional who has worked in the field of addiction after making the appointment.

The professional will be asking you questions related to your substance use habit or addiction. You can also expect questions related to your medical history, health, history of using drugs or alcohol, adverse effects of the substance used and most importantly, if you have ever been to the same treatment or process before the present scenario.

The main purpose of this interview is to inspect the relationship and history of drugs and alcohol with you. The interviewer are not sitting there to judge you; their main motive is to help you diagnose

Note- Make sure you don’t forget the documents to show the medical history, case history, probation documents, and your motor vehicle report for DUI of at least seven years.

Importance of the Substance Use Evaluation

The clear witness has been seen in a medical survey that in past years. The reason for deaths are accelerating rapidly related to drug and alcohol addiction. It makes the importance of the evaluation even higher than you might think.

The biggest advantage of going through the evaluation is to reduce the harm or addiction of the substance. It directly works as the risk reduction of health conditions or risk of causing a chance to crash or accident due to the overuse of the substances.

In case of DUI, your lawyer might also suggest you take the evaluation beforehand. There’s a probability if you don’t have any antecedents of abusing the substance or you pass the evaluation, it might benefit you in your trial.

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