SAP For DOT in Georgia

SAP For DOT in Georgia


SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) for DOT (Department of Transportation) is regarded as an important part of DOT to ensure the maximum safety of our Transportation industry in regard to DOT’s drug and alcohol rule. DOT requires the SAP to evaluate the employees who have violated the DOT’s drug and alcohol regulation.  SAP evaluates and ensures that his recommendations are in the terms of public interest and further suggests a plan of action needed which can be education and/or treatment, follow-up testing, and aftercare for each violater.

Under our program of SAP for DOT, our Substance Abuse Professional:

  1. Conducts a face-to-face assessment with you
  2. Suggests the treatment required or education be given to you
  3. Prepares a report based upon your observation to your employer
  4. Monitores your complete progress throughout the plan
  5. Conducts face to face follow up evaluation for complete verification of the fact that you followed all the suggestions given by our SAP, step by step through 0ut the plan suggested for you; and thus, send the letter of compliance to your employer and interestingly if your report satisfies your employee he can order the conduct of Return to Duty test which should be negative to get you back to your job if, it turns out to be positive you have to undergo the assessment and follow the program all over again.

NOTE: Also, if you do not follow the guidelines given by our SAP throughout your program, he can send the letter of Non-compliance too, which will require you to continue with your program till the time you are deemed fit for RTD (Return to Duty).

Our SAP program works to provide maximum security and safety to the employer, employee, and the transportation industry. This whole program is needed to let the employer be back on performing his safety-sensitive duties only if he successfully completing the SAP return-to-duty process.

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