Substance Abuse Professional Evaluation at AACS

Substance Abuse Professional Evaluation at AACS

Substance Abuse Professional Evaluation

SAP, Substance Abuse Professional is a certified person who is accountable for conducting the drug and alcohol assessment. Addition is a major problem in United States and this problem witnessed an increase during the pandemic. Stress and anxiety became the reason of this increase. Person driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drug poses direct threat to safety of people. Taking assistance from substance abuse professional can solve this issue in an effective way.

Complete process of SAP evaluation starts with a personal interview. After looking at the medical history and drug test report, the counselor asks several questions about the personal life, social life and lifestyle of the addicted person. They try to analyze the reasons behind the problem and also enquire from friends and family members about the person.

There is nothing to worry about the evaluation as SAP; substance abuse professionals are there to help you in best possible way. A proper treatment plan is prepared by the experienced SAP to ensure that the problem of addiction is gone permanently. There are cases where the person again starts taking drug and alcohol after taking the treatment. SAP keeps in touch with the person to monitor the condition even after the treatment is done.

If your employer or court has ordered you to take the evaluation, then it is imperative to take the sessions regularly. Permission to return back to work will not be granted to the employee who has not followed the treatment plan.

To get a valid review report, you must get the evaluation done from an authentic place. American Alternative Court Services has 25 years of experience in providing outpatient addiction counseling and addiction counseling to people in Atlanta. A team of doctors, SAP substance abuse professional and psychotherapists works together in order to eradicate the difficulty of substance abuse from the society. Fill the signup form to get the evaluation done in a convenient manner.

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